Produced from the epiphysis of the pineal gland, melatonin is the sleep hormone that maintains the sleep-wake cycle of humans. So, lack of melatonin causes sleeping disorder which may also lead to chronic insomnia.

Here is when doctors recommend patients to take melatonin tablets catering to sound sleep. However, apart from maintaining the body’s internal clock, melatonin supplements flesh off in treating several neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Alzheimer’s disease

AD/ Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive form of dementia often diagnosed after 65 years of age. However, in some cases, when there is an untimely occurrence, it an early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Affected people tend to suffer from memory loss and behavioral problems interfering with daily life activities. Another aspect that worsens the disease is less melatonin production.

According to human physiology, melatonin secretion declines once a man starts to age. And when it comes to AD, production of this magic hormone even becomes lower. Outfitting this condition, psychiatrists incorporate melatonin into the prescribed medicines and thus, patients take melatonin tablets.

Oral administration of melatonin lessens brain oxidative stress, and cognitive damage is coving better health to the AD patients.

Clinical depression

In the 21st century, a majority of millennials tend to suffer from clinical depression. One of the major symptoms of early depression is lack of sleep. Depressed people go extremely low on melatonin.

However, extensive research showed melatonin køb supplements is helping in suppressing several depressant activities. Scientists and a lot of PhD scholars are working on this particular arena of medical science to handle the depreciating conditions of patients.



Children who have autism go through a routine sleeping disorder. However, with the formulation of melatonin as a sleep aid, autistic kids now experience sound sleep.

According to the case studies, children who took melatonin for 13 weeks had a good night sleep with good behaviour. However, apart from improving sleeping disorder and behaviour, melatonin also aids in ameliorating their concentration or focusing power.

Anxiety and hyperactivity disorder

Both anxiety and attention hyperactivity disorder share a common problem involving a disturbance in maintaining circadian rhythm. A lot many researchers say, ADHD and sleeplessness are the two sides of same physiological and mental coin.


Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disease that hampers a gamut of cognitive functions such as perception, thought process, memory, emotion etc. In this neuropsychiatric disease, melatonin level falls significantly giving rise to acute sleeping problems.

Here’s when doctors suggest the adjunctive use of melatonin for augmenting the efficacy of antipsychotics. Melatonin supplement aids in improving the condition of schizophrenic patients via its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

End thoughts

People suffering from various mental disorders go through a lot of hardships. Melatonin supplement is a boon to their life, aiding to give them a good and healthy lifestyle. With no adverse effects, this herbal tablet is one of the miraculous discovery of medical science ever.