In late 2019, eBay presented the end result of a national study determining various types of gift givers based on their holiday shopping styles. In the eBay commissioned survey called “The Psychology of Gifting” conducted by Kelton Research, adult American females have been required to identify the holiday gift of theirs shopping behaviors. The analysis resulted in 4 kinds of holiday shoppers, each kind corresponding to an unique gift providing style.

eBay’s Survey of Gift Giver Types

Based on the eBay sponsored survey, American females will be grouped in 4 kinds of gift givers. Which group would you should be to?

Mental Givers

About 4 out of ten American females are Emotional Givers. They generally seek out exclusive gifts after giving a lot of thought to the recipients and also the gifts on the gift lists of theirs. Psychological Givers should clearly show just how much they be aware of present recipients, therefore they are inclined to prepare the gifts of theirs, typically wrap the gifts themselves, and provide the gifts most often with a handwritten note or perhaps card.


Useful Givers

About one out of five American females fall into this particular category of givers. If they provide, the very best gift items are often cool money or maybe gift cards (gift certificates or maybe gift cheques). The rule of practicality dominates their gift giving, so they offer recipients the flexibility to determine what product the receiver believes is right. And, the ideal instrument for that kind of freedom is either cash or perhaps a gift card.

Corner Givers

Approximately sixteen % of the survey’s participants identified themselves under this particular kind. Convenience Givers are effective shoppers. They usually like to buy gift items out of just one store or source. For these females, searching for great gift ideas is a task which they ultimately need to (often grudgingly) achieve. Usually, Convenience Givers rarely feel any joy or excitement in searching for the best luxury corporate gift to give.

Last-Minute Givers

These’re the females who are shopping for gifts in the eleventh hour. They appear to appreciate the mad rush of last minute buying. About thirteen % of America’s females belong to this category. These gift shoppers ordinarily don’t plan their gifts way in front of the holidays.

It seems likely to exhibit a number of the characteristics of the various types of givers. For a lot of people, nonetheless, one characteristic dominates, while just one or perhaps 2 typically are only secondary behavioral characteristics.

A blogger, as an example, wrote that he really turned into a cross between Emotional Giver and Convenience Giver. Evidence of , he stated, was that he shopped for Christmas gifts all of which he’d meticulously planned and also designed for precise recipients from just one on the web shop. Before the transmogrification of his on the Emotional Convenience hybrid car, he claimed he was undoubtedly of the Last Minute breed.

Skepticism of Such Surveys

eBay’s survey seems to be well designed and also is found to have a ninety five % confidence level with a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. When I 1st heard of the survey, the first impulse of mine was to self check and figure out what sort of gift giver I’m. Next, I gradually recognized that I ought to take such surveys with a grain of salt.

To begin with, this particular type of survey

Like a number of other very similar surveys, emphasizes the materials as well as financial/economic facet of giving gifts as assuming generosity might be fairly assessed or maybe quantified. By categorizing gift givers based on the shopping types of theirs, the unspoken advocacy appears to be that “The ideal gift to offer to anybody throughout the holidays is something which may be shopped from a store,” that is definitely not at all correct in most instances. You’ll find, actually, limitless opportunities for anybody to provide non material, non-store-bought, non-monetarily-quantifiable talents.

Nevertheless, vast majority of individuals nowadays feel forced to offer presents to each other just due to fear of interpersonal sanction. This brings me to the second reason of mine for becoming skeptical: genuine giving just like real love conquers all fear, like the anxiety about the fear and social sanction of jumping off the train.

Seeming Lack of Spiritual Footing

There is a spiritual dimension to the man tradition of gift giving, though a lot of today have lost the genuine spirit of self sacrificial generosity. Rather, we allow our capitalistic economic climate to inspire sentimentality in gift giving, as in the situation of the Emotional Givers, that have to contend with the urge of providing for the benefit of giving quite a huge jump from the much more noble plus more innovative goal of giving for the sake of helping someone in need.

Or, take the situation of the Convenience Givers as well as the Practical Givers who favor cash or gift cards. I think of 2 possible motivations for this group to favor convenience whenever they set out to search for the best gift.

A probable cause

Is they have not actually warmed approximately the thought of holiday giving yet, or maybe they simply might be way too lazy to deal with plenty of gift ideas and locate the ideal present. They might perhaps be generous in one of the ways or any other, although searching for gifts for the holidays simply may not be the idea of theirs of experiencing the holidays.

Yet another possible reason is they feel obliged to participate in the social exercise of looking for the most effective gifts to give throughout the holidays and on special events. They offer gifts to stay away from the societal frown which they will get in case they do not. This avoidance may be the reason behind the preference of theirs to find the best gift from convenient, hassle-free, quick, and in most cases one-stop sources.

Thus, they need the very least troublesome highway

Particularly the one with the sign that says “This means to the ideal gift idea that is going to take up only an iota of the thought of yours, time period, and effort.”

As for Last Minute Givers

I think they both simply miss time or maybe shop in the last second strictly for the adrenaline rush. Absolutely nothing bad about the latter, although former has question marks sprayed all over it. Really loving individuals are generous not simply with the presents of theirs but additionally with time they normally use to find the best gift. If perhaps the gift of yours really should be a material representation of your concern as well as love for the welfare of an additional, then invest some time to discover the ideal present. The amount of time you sacrifice for locating the ideal gift is an element of the present itself.

Giving, in the genuine spirit of charity and generosity, usually involves some kind of sacrifice out of the giver. It’s a sacrifice which the giver willingly makes for the benefit of the receiver. Generosity and providing are always other centered. After reflecting on eBay’s survey, I’m wont to state that until you’re inebriated by that self sacrificing spirit, you won’t ever be equipped to locate the best present in any way.